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The credit for our safe and effective range of chemicals goes to our professionals who are qualified enough to maintain complete safety and customize the manufactured products to suit any type of industrial application. Adopting advanced technologies and refining processes, while exploring wider applications have assured us to secure our position and we believe in creating opportunities for the future.

We have developed a core competence in both the domestic and overseas markets, by developing widely applicable, efficient and cost effective products. The company's extra efforts, taken in terms of research, production and quality control, go in sync with the international codes. We export our products to several countries of the world.

Product Range

With the vision to provide a stable and reliable supply base to all its domestic and international clients, Alpha Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. has maintained a speedy and flexible production mode, packaging and delivery system. Following is our medically and environmentally safe product range:

  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (S.L.S) Powder
  • Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (S.L.E.S)
  • Triethanolamine Lauryl Sulphate (T.L.S)
  • Cocodiethanolamide
  • Cocomonoethanolamide
  • Alphanol-CS
  • Cocobetaine
  • Alphon OS (SOS)
  • Alquat - 50 (B.K.C)
  • Glyceryl Monosterate (G.M.S)
  • Ethyleneglycolmonosterate (E.G.M.S)
  • C.A.P.B.

Application of Our Products

  • Shampoos
  • Formulation of Wetting Agents
  • Fire Fighting Foams
  • Tooth Pastes
  • Shaving Creams
  • Powder Shampoos
  • Bubble Baths
  • Pigments like Emulsifiers
  • Foam Boosters and Viscosity Builders in Shampoos
  • As Biocide in Water Treatment Plants
  • As paints in the prevention of settling of pigments, etc.

Best Quality

Our chemicals are acclaimed as the prime drivers of growth in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industrial sector. Alpha Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.'s manufacturing processes have been set up to incorporate any changes with client centric specifications. We abide by all the quality parameters while sourcing superior quality raw materials. Our expert team of quality controllers ensure that our products do not suffer from any kind of damage while manufacturing, transporting, storing or application.

Solid Infrastructure

Our state-of-the-art plant is equipped with highly advanced set of machines and equipments to facilitate a smooth flow of production. We have an excellent technical team to undertake works like esterification and chlorosulphonation as per the specification and requirement of clients. The copious warehouse of the company is used to store finished products safely, thereby enabling us to meet all forms of market demands. Our successful position in our industrial segment is ensured by constant innovation and enhancement in our products.

Environmental Care

Keeping in mind the horrible results borne by excessive exposure of industrial chemicals, an extremely environment-friendly attitude and human welfare composure has been adopted and maintained at Alpha Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. The company makes sure that there is no discharge of harmful elements that could pollute the surrounding flora, fauna, land, water or air. All liquid and solid wastes are disposed off in an environmentally and legally acceptable manner, as directed by the pollution control board. Further, third party quality check ensures the delivery of best quality chemicals in the market.

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